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Types of Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a non-competitive approach to therapy that teaches the use of yoga postures or meditation for therapeutic purposes. Yoga is a set of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical practices or disciplines that evolved from the ancient Indian traditions. Get some help from Serenity Yoga Therapy.

Yoga consists of seven Āstika Schools of Hindu philosophical systems. The first school of yoga is known as Patanjali and it is founded by Vatsyayana. This school of yoga focuses on the spiritual aspects of life and focuses on a person's individual ability to overcome their personal obstacles and achieve self-mastery and fulfillment. According to Patanjali's teachings, one cannot be liberated from the cycle of births and deaths unless they transcend into the realm of consciousness, where all is pure and perfect.

The next Āstika School of Yoga is known as Yogasavada, which is founded by Sankaracharya, who also founded the famous Kundalini Yoga program. The Yoga of Sankaracharya emphasizes that a person can attain a state of self-immortality if he or she learns to unite with the cosmic energy of God. The concept of "God" is based on Sankaracharya's interpretation of the Sanskrit terms, "svabhava"svatabhava."

Vedic yoga emphasizes the connection between the human mind and body, which is believed to be the source of the world. Vedic yogis believe that the entire universe is linked to the physical and mental body of a human being, which makes the human body as an essential part of the universal world.

Hatha yoga focuses on body movements and meditation, as well as spiritual awareness and guidance. Hatha yoga is also related to the physical sciences, which means that a practitioner will practice yogic poses to increase his or her understanding of the physical world. A practitioner may also work on his or her kundalini awakening through pranayama (breathing exercises). There is no emphasis on physical strength or endurance in Hatha yoga. However, it does focus on achieving a state of consciousness and a deeper spiritual journey, as well as being a great form of exercise.

The last classification of yoga is known as Jnana yoga, which is the type of yoga that was originally founded by Patanjali. The main focus of this type of yoga is self-study and self-awareness. The main purpose of this type of yoga is to help a person overcome his or her inner obstacles and achieve a state of inner wisdom. This type of yoga is also called the Yogic path. To know more view here.

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